A LSJ lesson by Chris Wheal : Online Publishing

Short guide to Online Writing, tips and suggestions to be searched in the web, from the award-winning freelance journalist Chris Wheal.

Have you ever tried googling your own name? What was the result?

This apparently silly question has begun the first online publishing lesson of the post graduate 2016 course of the London School of Journalism. Actually it serves to understand your own position and fame in the current social media.

15 fundamental social for a journalist

Internet has indeed changed the way of enjoying and offering content. Even a simple video or audio of the class can be spread around the world in seconds.

However, we are 3 billion netizen. So how can you get noticed and be read ?

  1. You must take advantage of the multiplicity of existing social media. Treat in detail your own profile, making it attractive, updated and interconnected.
  2. Especially in the field of journalism, you have to write in smart way. Condense in the first 10 seconds of reading the core of your thought. Once an internaut ends up on your pages, temp him to dedicate more minutes.
  3. Make your stories detectable by the search engine algorithms through instruments such as:
  • links to additional info
  • dates to be find in the archives
  • concrete examples to make the story time proof
  • key words and famous names

Before his lesson comes to an end Chris gave the class the assignment to open two blogs. In journalism you can’t be reluctant to expose yourself, you must put yourself on the line.

This is Chris Wheal’s main teaching today.